Location of Serial Code on UltraSharp Monitors

Can’t seem to find your serial number on your new-ish Dell UltraSharp monitor? On older versions of the UltraSharp line (and probably other Dell monitors), the serial number could always be found on the back of the panel. As it turns out, Dell got fancy with newer models and is now placing the serial on a slide-out card on the left side of the monitor. See the pictures below:

serial card slot

serial card slot


Changing Mouse Cursor for Flex mx:Label

In cheap jerseys my cheap mlb jerseys current cheap jerseys Flex-based “Kids project, Alexandre I Arizona am creating several labels that act like hyperlinks but was having trouble changing the cursor type to the traditional “hand.”  After some moderate searching, I found out that you have to declare three properties:

useHandCursor = true;
buttonMode = true;
mouseChildren = false;

With these properties set, the mouse cursor will now change to a hand. Simple!.