SaveFileDialog Error When Debugging Silverlight Applications

If you’re having difficulties debugging a section of code that uses the SafeFileDialog.ShowDialog() method, the reason is that Silverlight requires that the ShowDialog() method be called from a user-generated action. For whatever reason, entering into debug mode makes Silverlight think that you are not responding to a user-action, even when you are. To work around this, simply place the breakpoint after you call the ShowDialog() method.


Change Default Layout when Using Zend Framework

Quick Tip: If you want to change the default layout script in your Zend Framework MVC application, you can do one of the following:

// Within controller
$this->_helper_layout->setLayout('other-layout') //other-layout.phtml

//Within view script
layout()->setLayout('other-layout'); ?>

Thanks to Andrew at the StackOverflow forums.