The New Vanity Search

From time to time, everyone is prone to perform a vanity search or two. Because I have a somewhat generic name (currently, Adam ranks at #72, Carter is #40), web searching always returns an interesting variety of results. Movie stars, a character in a British television series, an Elvis impersonator, and I all share the name “Adam Carter.” But what about adding a slight twist to your typical vanity search?

Rather than using my real name, I decided to do a search on one of my most commonly used Internet pseudo-names. Surprisingly, what came back was almost all me. In fact, the only non-me entry was for an entry in “Urban Dictionary” that, unsurprisingly, was not very flattering. Perhaps I angered this person and this was his or her revenge. Anyway, this ordeal got me thinking.

Unlike most others of my generation, I prefer to keep my online activity private from unknown onlookers. For example, I don’t use my real name for Facebook and Twitter. Yet, since the early days of the Internet, I’ve continually used the same pseudo-name for many of my activities. In some cases, my real name is even tied to my pseudo-name (oops!). Searching on this pseudo-name will provide you with several forum posts, lists of games that I’ve played, and even coding projects that I’ve been affiliated with. When I think about it, searching my pseudo-name provides a better picture of my life than my real name! Maybe I should start protecting my pseudo-name as much as I do for my real name.

For anyone that reads this, what does doing a vanity search on your Internet pseudo-name return?


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