iPhone Image Size Mystery

In my last post about attending a concert, I made a small remark about the surprisingly small image size of files uploaded from my iPhone via the WordPress plugin.  After a little more sleuthing, I’ve discovered the following:

  1. Images uploaded via the WordPress plugin are automatically resized to 640×480
  2. Images sent via the mail application are automatically resized to 800×600
  3. Images downloaded via USB link from the iPhone are copied at 1600×1200

As far as I can tell, the only way to obtain full-quality images from your iPhone is by connecting it directly to a computer.  To me, this is quite bothersome as I rarely (once per week?) sync my iPhone.  I’d much rather have the ability to send my images via email or just upload them directly to my website.  I can understand the reasoning behind the resizing, but it would be nice if there was a “upload hi-res” option or something.


A Great iPhone Use Case

Over the weekend, a Flex longtime friend currently in Africa working with the peace corps managed to secure an Internet connection Madness and Disposal send me an instant message.  After about an hour of talking with him on my desktop PC, my daily life began to beckon: I was getting hungry and various household tasks were nagging at me.  Pharmacist

Prior to a few weeks ago, this would have been a show stopper.  However, wholesale mlb jerseys now being equipped with my fancy iPhone, event I simply turned on the phone, launched the mobile AIM application, and presto! wholesale nba jerseys — I’m no longer tethered to my machine.  With wholesale nba jerseys the help of the iPhone, I was able to eat, do chores, and maintain a conversation.  Now, I realize that mobile AIM is not exclusive to the iPhone, but it nonetheless illustrates IIS, a perfect use case for the device.

Flex Tidbits

Just thought that I’d post some tidbits 2015 of knowledge that I’ve learned today:

  • To properly display multi-line ItemRenderers using one of Flex’s list-based controls, you need to set the list control’s "variableRowHeight" property setting to true.
  • If your ItemRenderer’s WordPress, size changes dynamically based for on the supplied content wholesale jerseys (ex: long blocks of text), you’ll need to override the default measure() cheap jerseys function Temizlik in order to set the ItemRenderer’s "measuredHeight" property.
  • To cancel internet an event from propagating, call the event’s "stopPropagation" function.

Sorry for the terse format, but it’s 1997 Friday and Held I’m burnt out cheap jerseys sitting here at work.


WordPress, IIS, and ISAPI Rewrite

One cheap jerseys of cheap mlb jerseys the cheap jerseys servers How that 9 I Chicago administer Changing is a traditional Windows Server 2003 box (ASP.NET, SQL Server, etc.). Recently, we decided to add a quasi-internal, CMS-like website to manage and track software projects. Since I’m a big fan of WordPress, I decided to attempt an install on IIS. Unfortunately, IIS doesn’t support mod_rewrite and thus pretty URLs. Luckily, following the steps below will fix that problem.

  • Install ISAPI Rewrite (free version available) and install it on your server
  • Modify WordPress’ permalink settings to fit your desired structure.
  • Have WordPress create an .htaccess file for you.
  • Copy WordPress’ .htaccess directive starting at the “RewriteBase” directive into ISAPI Rewrite’s .htaccess file
  • Modify the wp-settings.php file adding the following code somewhere around line 58 (before the preexisting IF statement):
    • if (isset($_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_REWRITE_URL’])) {
    • }

And voila!, you have pretty URLs with IIS.